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The body holds the key

During sessions of body work and energy healing we can transmute
pain felt on all levels of being....physical, spiritual and emotional

All is possible

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Be assured you are  in safe and experienced hands.  Connecting with energy medicine some 20 years ago,  enhanced and changed my life, for which I am ever grateful.

Working with energy healing, I realised the importance of therapeutic touch, the brain and body connection and how all is connected.   I studied and practised  massage styles from around the world,  from kahuna lomi lomi to fascia release & Indian scalp massage, as well as  various energy healing modalities, I then combined this knowledge into my 


Intuitive Body Work Session

A truly unique & beneficial experience

Working with women and seeing similar patterns of energy held in the body, then lead me onto working deeper with the womb, following the path of the Magda & holding ceremony space for women.


My intention is for your highest good,  your empowerment and healing


All my love


Intuitive body work, Multi dimensional healing, Womb wisdom

A free gift for you
Forgiveness prayer recorded in 432hz
Listen with headphones for the best result
Open your heart and let the healing begin



One to One Sessions

Intuitive Body Work Session

Our bodies hold the key, our cells, muscles and tissues hold onto to trauma imprints, emotional, physical and ancestral.   

I work intuitively and in communion with
your body and your energy field. 

Bringing you into a deeper connection, with self

Feeling lighter, energised and free from the past.

These sessions can include, womb healing, abdominal & sacral massage, scalp massage, kahuna body work, fascia release, ancestral and karmic clearing, multi dimensional energy healing. I work with multi dimensional frequencies, in accordance with your needs and capabilities.

Abdominal & Sacral Massage

This dynamic massage can help with digestive issues, menstrual problems, fertility issues. lower back pain, imbalances, anxiety, stress and emotional / mental imbalances.   Much is held
within our abdomen, generational as well as personal.

Initial consultation 1.5 hrs £120
Subsequent sessions £75
3 sessions £222
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Diamond Light

The Diamond Light Codes are here to help us with the ascension process.  These frequencies help to clear ancestral and personal karmic patterns, balance the hemispheres of the brain, clearing and restoring balance.  

I believe them to be powerful protective energies, capable of going as deep as you choose.   


An activation of your Diamond Light Body will assist with the embodiment of your soul essence.


Please message to book a call if you would like to discuss any aspect prior to booking


much love 



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Embodiment session

This deeper session has been created for you to give the time and space you need to go deeper within the body temple.

You will be held in a space of safety and comfort, to dive deep within yourself, to let go.  Soul 
retrieval, karmic clearing, physical blocks released, allows for the embodiment of your soul 

3hrs - herbal tea on arrival, spending time to unravel 
allows you to gain the most from this session

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Rose Oil Facial Massage

Acupressure, soothing & deep massage of the face, neck and shoulders
Drop your mask and allow your true beauty to radiate out. Let go of long held tension in the face, neck, shoulders. Breathe in the potent blendof rosehip and rose oil. Divine bliss.
Infused with energy healing. 
Grounding foot massage to complete your experience.



Group Offerings

Womb Healing Ceremonies


After working with many women over the years I began to see a pattern of blocked energies within the womb space and the throat, noticing that almost every woman that I treated held tension, trauma and blocked energy flow.  


We hold so much in our sacred womb, scars and pain from our own life experiences as well as our ancestral imprints.  


Working one on one and using methods of body work, energy healing, visualisations and breath work we can clear these patterns, allowing the flow once more.


These sessions are powerful and help with physical manifestations of irregular and painful menustration, infertility, pcos, fibroids, poor digestion and elimination to name but a few.  

Emotionally we can feel stuck, repeating the same patterns in relationships and feeling disconnected from our sexual creative power. 


Our womb holds the keys to pure creative potential


Its my honour to assist you in your reconnection 



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13th Rite of the Womb


The womb is not a place to store fear and pain

The womb is to created and give birth to life


Receiving and sharing this rite changed the way I work, the way I honour myself and the women around me


The rite of the womb is a beautiful ceremony where you will both receive and give the gift of healing, empowerment and love to all the women in your life


It is suitable for all women, with or without a physical womb


This ceremony can be given 1-2-1 or as a group or as an

online Womb Healing Ceremony 


I look forward to sharing the rite with you 






Group meditation and energy work

Accessing Higher states of awareness as a group, clearing and disentangling old codes, opening to the highest potential of our selves. It is my honour to hold sacred ceremony and group for women and now for men also. We meet once a month - please message to join love and infinite blessings.  New group starting in January 2024 

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I am verified by the Council for Natural Health Care as a professional Reiki Practioner & Professional Massage Therapist.


"thank you for the remote energy reading and healing. It was a beautiful connection and I felt energies in my solar plexus throughout the session and after. Thank you for the notes afterwards from which I have found calmess and guidance from.  I would recommend your distant sessions to anyone." 


- U from England  

"The remote session of energy work with Louise was as powerful as if she were in the room with me, I could feel energy moving and being released from my body.  Since the session I've noticed shifts within my family and life - all positive and a deeper understanding of myself.   Thank you Louise"


- N from UK

Louise provides a profound service.  Sometimes our trauma is stored within our bodies and we sometimes don't understand why we feel the way we do.  Louise has an instinctive intuition which facilities the process of letting go of our "psychological baggage" gently so that we are able to move forward with our lives feelings lot lighter, healthier and happier.  If you're wanting real shifts in both your physical and mental states, I would highly recommend Louise.  Her services have a value beyond price.  S. White, Essex

"I have experienced true healing through sessions with Louise.  I have been able to let go of past trauma and become more fully present in the here and now.  I am able to connect with myself, like coming home to myself in a way not possible before these sessions, only two and this much change already!  I bear witness to Louises skill, generosity and compassion with gratitude."


- S.P. 

I had a virtual session with Louise for a womb and energy healing on the 19th August 2023. It  was the best thing I could've done for myself!  She created a safe healing & calming space for me to honour my emotions and I love how she guided me through the healing over the phone.  

Before the session I had felt very disconnected from my body, emotions and sensuality.  This was due to trauma.  Louise helped me really connect to my body and feel emotions my body was holding onto.  There were tears released in the session and emotions I didn't realsie I was holding onto.  The session was super empowering and calming.  I felt myself come back to love and safety in my body as well as coming back into feeling sovereignty for feeling pleasure again.  Days after the session I felt my vitality and passion returning and I feel more connected to my body than ever before.  

I feel more comfortable opening up to my sensuality where feel certain emotional blockages were released. My lower back and hip pain has disappeared since this healing, which is PROFOUND!  I highly recommend Louise to anyone wanting the effects of healing the womb, feeling more confident and comfortable within your body and creating a deeper connection of self love and divine feminine energy.

Samantha de Lange - YOUTUBE Psychic Siren Tarot

To find out more about the services I offer or to book, please get in touch!

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