If you are feeling any kind of emotional or physical

discomfort, I can help you.  

I have many years of experience working with the body, combining massage therapy alongside energy healing methods

Transformation comes from within 

Empowering you with soulful healing


My aim is to share the tools I have  learnt and found useful on my own journey of self discovery and acceptance. 

I have studied and practiced many methods, from deep physical relaxation to meditative and spiritual practises.

 I would love  to share this with you. 

I have a deep connection to source energy enabling deep inner journey work and self discovery. .  These sessions help to clear the path way to your own  deeper  wisdom.

Live your life in your truth

My services and intention are for your highest good 


Soul Alchemy Healing

During  energy work we  access  higher vibrations bringing  deeper perspectives  & , clearing outworn patterns, that may be affecting our life.   All is done with grace and ease and at the pace set by your highest self.


Kahuna Lomi Lomi

This exceptional bodywork is based upon the ancient method of Kahuna, a spiritual massage from Hawaii. This full body massage is performed using the forearms and hands. Long, flowing, rhythmical strokes, promote deep relaxation, harmony and a feeling of being nurtured.



I have a vast knowledge of body work & massage therapy, combining these with crystal, sound and guided visualisation. These powerful sessions will assist you in releasing patterns of stored pain and trauma. Our bodies become a record keeper, until we feel safe to release, allowing the natural flow once again.


Abdominal & Sacral Massage