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Beautiful body temple

Our skin is the largest multifunctional organ of our human body

The skin sends information to the brains, (gut, heart & brain) activating many chemical functions and actions / reactions within

The parasympathetic nervous system ( the chill button ) is activated during a massage therapy session

Massage is the oldest therapy and when intuitively given, it will balance and restore in quite marvellous ways

When I work with you, I share techniques and tools to help you access deeper states or relaxation, equilibrium and empowerment

The energetics of this are miraculous 💜

Intuitive massage £65 an hours treatment

💜Love the skin you’re in💜

💜It’s absolutely beautiful💜

Love and blessings



Want to learn more?

If you would like to find out more about how I work or to discuss your needs schedule your free consultation and see how Soul Alchemy can help you.

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