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Body work & energy healing

Energy clearing & embodiment session

During this deep session of advanced body work, old truama, wounds, repressed energy and emotions, will be seen, heard and felt.

By holding you in a safe, nurturing space, communion with your body will show us what needs to be cleared.

I sense this within my own body, images come, sometimes the smells from anaesthesia when a scar is worked on...... somatic movements, fascia finally let's go.... it's all the body releasing past trauma and memory

I work in such as way as to not cause any further distress to the nervous system, so we avoid force, grace and ease is how it flows.

I've developed a way to work energetically on the brain, resetting the amygdala, balancing the hemispheres to bring harmony and peace.

It's an honour for me to be of service this way, my gift is to nurture, to commune with the body, to transmute energy

This is alchemy

Sometimes I have no explanation of how this works.... it just does

I nurture as I am Mother, it's who I am

So rest assured you will be held, witnessed and it all from my heart 💜

Please message me at

With any questions or to book a call to discuss and see if I am for you or if I can help with advising on alternative therapist who maybe more suited to your needs

As always

With love


Soulful Alchemy

Art by Lars Doerwald


Want to learn more?

If you would like to find out more about how I work or to discuss your needs schedule your free consultation and see how Soul Alchemy can help you.

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