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Compassionate touch

Compassionate & therapeutic touch

I treated a lady this week who’s husband is terminally ill, she’s been caring for him during his illness snd now his transition

As she sat for her treatment, it was clear to see where the weight of this was sitting in her body. Her shoulders were solid, her neck completely in spasm and her heart and chest were tight. Her breath very shallow.

There’s nothing to be done to change this tor her, the pain of loss, the grief already setting in, the complete sadness at what is to come and what will be no more

As I worked on her, the barriers and weight started to lift, her tightly held emotions could flow and freely so, she knew she was in the space to release this with no words or anyone trying to make it better

My role here was to assist her body in release, to give her some time to be with her feelings

She cried

We hugged

I held her whilst she wept

We need this, we need to be held and our emotions witnessed, our body needs to soften, to allow the emotions to move. Our body communicates with us, pain is a great teacher & guide

I know she left here lighter, I know she felt cared for 💜 I trust it gave her some renewed energy to face the next steps 💜

Listen to your bidy

Where are you holding on

How can you ease this

What does your body need today to feel comfort

Love & blessings


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