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Energy healing

What is it?

We live in a multi dimensional universe with multiple frequencies and realities

When some one comes tor energy healing, they are bathed in the frequent that the channel or healer connects to - much like tuning forks and how one will match the vibrational frequency of another.

This helps by shinning a light upon any shadows, lower energies, past programming and more. Giving you the perfect opportunity to see and therefore release the old, making way for the new.

Bringing you into energetic alignment with your truth, allowing you to move forward with ease

Specific issues can be address such as grief, loss, negative beliefs, pain, feeling stuck in life, anxiety, overthinking, stress and depression

Physical ailments can also be eased, trauma and pain are held within the body and can be for many years, causing blocks in the flow of energy. Scar tissue especially and I have seen great releases of trauma memory from this.


Release all that is holding you back from being in this heart portal

When we live from an open heart the intention is pure

There is no ego

There is compassion, trust and truth


Multi dimensional healing

Womb healing & Magdalene activations

White flame frequency


Rahanni Celestial healing

Want to learn more?

If you would like to find out more about how I work or to discuss your needs schedule your free consultation and see how Soul Alchemy can help you.

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