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Flowing with the flow

creative juices are flowing

I’ve been creating crystal wands this afternoon, sitting at the table with the sun on my back, the birds singing away, ok the dog keeps yapping at the neighbours, the birds and probably the sun hahahaaa she is a funny puppy

any way

it’s all about loving and accepting it all. This week for me has all been about allowing the Old to crumble, feeling structures and programs within, falling away. It’s painful, less so when we accept and allow. Everything not in alignment with truth will fall away now. Old beliefs, old reactions, outdated parts of ourselves. Learning to let these old ways go is one of the biggest challenges

The more we can consciously do this, and trust ourselves the easier it gets

and don’t be too hard on ourselves

we are human be-ings

here to experience it all

gently does it folks xxxx

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