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Forever Earthing

Grounding, its talked about a lot but what is it and why is it important for us? Everything around us emits a frequency, electro magnetic pollution is on the increase and our lives are becoming ever more involved with technology. Static builds up in the body and causes inflammation, the precursor to disease.

The vibration of our beautiful planet is harmonising to our body, its way more scientific than I am saying it but I like to keep it simple!

We get up, we put on shoes, we go about out daily life without every being in contact with the earths harmonising vibration. We sleep in beds raised from the floor, we never give ourselves a chance to disperse this static charge.

Unless we take the time to earth. Everything needs an earth, the electric we use for instance. we all know how important that is to our daily lives, well this is no different, our body also needs it.

Try and spend 15 minutes or ideally longer and feel the difference this makes to your body and your sense of wellbeing. Breathe into your amazing body, feel and intend your breath to penetrate every part of your body, your bones, blood, muscles, organs, hair, teeth, skin............ feel it, ground your breath and your focus within. Feel your feet on the earth, send your breath, your focus down into mother earth, activate. your earth star chakra, be safe here, give thanks for all the support and nurturing you receive.

Send loving sensations to your self, to the planet, the animals and plants.





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