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Going wild in Wales

I m fresh back from a wild week in Wales with my beloved soul sisters, my goddess did we have fun! From the moment we connected to the wondrous waterfall lands, transformation began. Everywhere you go in Wales there is water, water flowing everywhere. Water is linked to our emotions, and purifies the energy of lands and those who walk upon her.

We arrived at our cottage, a stones throw from a waterfall and river. We had a quick look round, said hello to the resident peacock and made our way to the waters edge. Removing our boots and socks, we dipped our feet into the river. Consciously asking for all to be cleared, to feel cleansed by the wild nature around us, we sat and cried, heavy hot tears and the sounds that left our throats were primordial and ancient. God knows how long we sat there, releasing and allowing all that needed to be cleared in those cold gushing waters.

It felt like magic, It felt natural, it came from the depths of our bodies a huge release of all hat we had been carrying, seen and unseen, known and unknown. I feel blessed to have shared this moment with my soul sisters. I feel blessed to have such a connection to mother waters.

I went with many tools and the intention of holding healing circles and ceremonies. but we didn't need to. The constant flow of water resonated with our bodies and emotions, nothing needed to be done, it all just simply flowed.

If you get a chance, take off your shoes and socks and just be with the earth, let her work her magic on you. You ll be amazed at how you feel after. send her love, gratitude and appreciation. Until next time Wild Wales. I Love you #wales #holidays #waterfalls #motherearth #selflove #healer #soul #freinds #sisters

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