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The sense of touch

The sense of touch

Of all the senses touch truly makes me feel I am alive

The sun and wind against the skin

Yesterday on my walk

Quite often we can be up in our head, lost in our thoughts, our brains going a million miles an hour

When we are worried about the future, sad about the past, touch brings us to this now moment

It helps us be in our body, to be here, to be present

The start of spring is here, feel the air against your bare skin and feel how wonderful it is

This is why I love my work and the healing touch

Massage therapy has been indicated in helping with many ailments, from physical pain to emotional trauma

Therapeutic touch helps the brain and body to pause and reverse the patterns of stress holding

Massage therapy & healing touch are the basis of wellbeing

Feeling safe, loved and nurtured in your body, mind and soul

Have a blessed day

Love Lou


Soulful Alchemy


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