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Womb healing & empowerment

Womb healing

Is the key

After seeing hundreds of women with energetic and physical issues around the womb / sacral centre, I started to look deeper into what was going on here

Many of the women had experienced truama, abuse or violence and injury........

Many had not

This intrigued me even more so

On deeper exploration and discussion, there was an ancestral pattern of trauma and / or abuse and violence against women, often travelling back through the bloodline. This is ancestral trauma imprint

We are all aware and understand the concept of muscle memory, epigenetics and intergenerational trauma.

Our bodies keep the score, the body AND

our energy fields are also the subconscious, holding these patterns

Trauma any where can and will cause imbalances, pain and distorted energy flow

The womb space is intrinsically linked to a woman's well-being

Pain in all it's forms signals there is stress - stress can be physical

Emotional mental or spiritual

The womb

Is the key

On a purely physical level, we can be free of painful periods, connecting to our menstrual cycle and working the seasons within out monthly cycle

On an energetic level

The womb is the key

Pure creative energy and healing life force travels through our energy centres, connecting to our feminine essence and our power

For the good of everyone

On a collective level

The womb is the key

We all come through this portal

All of life

To empower a womb is to empower a woman

To remember and honour the sacredness of our energy

I reflect back on my menstrual cycle

From 14 years old

Until now 54

I am honouring my cycle

There may not be many more bleeds to celebrate

It's taken me until the age of 48 to honour my womb

To really understand my cycle

And to listen to my body and what it needs at certain times of my month

It infuriates me that women are required to plug up their bleed and get on with life


You can and should rest

Take things slower

Collect your blood if it feels right for you

And celebrate this Marvellous and magical time

Reconnect to your womanhood

From womb to heart

To pineal

Womb healing is more than healing the womb

It's a total

Reconnection of these sacred centres


To who we are

Women and the womb

Hold the key


Want to learn more?

If you would like to find out more about how I work or to discuss your needs schedule your free consultation and see how Soul Alchemy can help you.

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