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Womb Wisdom

Womb healing journey

Healing many layers of restrictive energy, cords and attachments, to past partners and current situations. Freeing the sacred creative portal and bringing it all back into harmony.

My own journey of womb healing started several years ago, and like all deep healings, it takes time. When I first started on this inner journey I assumed that it was done after one ceremony, lets just say Patience has been a huge life lesson for me ;-) I

n december last year I felt to disconnect my sacred womb space from any ties to our moon and the cycles she brings. I still admire the moon, but am now not affected so much by any of the energies from her. I am now in my own sovereign womb flow and it feels very empowering. During the womb ceremonies I facilitat I can guide you to do the same - only if it is in accordance with your highest good. We are all the same and all different on our journeys........ Healing the womb & sacral centre is one of the most potent methods I know for taking your power back, for bringing your creative power back and for owning your divine feminine awesomenss Please message with any questions or to book your ceremony and personal sessions

much love

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