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Wonderful womb

Womb healing

Abdominal & sacral massage

Women's healing circles

Working with the womb changed so much for me personally and how I work with women

It was the missing key in holistic healing for myself and my lineage

Every cell of our being responds to our thoughts, feelings and actions.

The womb is also affected by our personal interactions with others, by our inherited ancestral karma and by societies conditioning

This can manifest as physical pain, irregular and missing periods, a lack of libido, lack of personal boundaries as much much more

The womb is the link to our creational abilities, esoteric magic and manifestations

As womben we hold the key to far more than I am prepared to say in this post

Our sexual energy has been misused, disempowered and it's also more than we realise

Women's group circle space

Starting in January

Please message for more details

🌹The womb space 🌹

One to one sessions

Group energy work

Embodiment & empowerment


Soulful Alchemy

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