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Womb healing

Multi layered energetics

From womb to heart to voice, the path unfolds,

Creation's song, will now be told

Where pain once dwelled, and hurt did reside,

She reclaims her space, no need hide

Fear and violation, now dissolved in grace,

Layers rebirthed, in this sacred space

Womb, woman, portal to dimensions vast,

Birthing new worlds, she's free at last

With heart as compass, and voice as guide,

She paints her story, on life's endless tide

Here, women come, to integrate and heal,

Unfolding tales, both raw and real

Structures collapse, shadows fade away,

In white light's embrace, they find their way

Vital energy flows, through every vein,

Creative life force, breaking every chain

Mother of all, free to be,

In this sacred dance, she is now free


Image by Lars Doerwald

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