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Medicine woman

Experience deep relaxation

Physical stress leaving your body

Drift along with the frequency music and sounds

Gentle hypnosis and visualisation will help you to re program your subconscious mind

Skilfully combining modalities to help you achieve balance on all levels of your being




With over 20 years experience of working with energy and the body

You are in safe hands and all is shared with love and your highest intention for healing

I've qualified and practised for many years the following, combining methods and teachings from

Around the world

Reiki Master Teacher


Psychic Healing


Meditation Guide

Massage therapy

Womb Healing

Abdominal & Sacral Massage

Indian Scalp Massage

Thai foot massage

Myo Fascia Release

Lomi Lomi Body work

Closing the Bones ceremony

Pregnancy massage

Womb Rites

Magdalene Rose teachings

All brought me back

To the wisdom already within me

Enhancing gifts and skills of the medicine woman


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